Social media influencers

Dubai’s social influencer scene

Social media influencers in the UAE, how can they promote your brand and how can we trust their followers are genuine and not fake accounts. 

From petrol heads championing their favourite drivers cars, to fashion and beauty enthusiasts promoting their favourite products to health and nutrition bloggers pushing their protein shakes to discount codes on social media – influencer marketing continues to grow online. UAE based Brands are recruiting influencers more than ever to increase engagement and customer loyalty in their products and services. Not only do influencers hold power to introduce new audiences they offer a unique and authentic perspective in social media conversations, Arab cultures more and like to believe the endorsement from their trusted influential sources.

But confusion over how to measure results with influencer marketing as well as how to handle instances of faux and fake followers in an industry which is in need of more transparency means that marketers hesitate before investing in this area. Fortunately new regulations like licensing are coming into effect here in the Emirates. Brands and agencies are approaching their influencer marketing strategies – as well as what is influencing their current buying decisions. The latest influencer marketing requires further measurement and guidelines plus greater transparency, if it is to overcome it’s image perception and challenges.

At Sandpaper Dubai we adopt a social creative approach to content and comms that is authentic, genuine and relevant to our audience(s).

Our team will help build your company into a lifestyle brand with a social-first approach that reflects content that people want to share and like.

More quality, less quantity to generate real followers and help build your online presence and reputation.