Retargeting vs Remarketing

Sometimes retargeting is referred to as remarketing and vice a versa.

Sometimes retargeting is referred to as remarketing
and vice-versa.

For example, Google’s Remarketing Tools are really all retargeting tools in the classic sense. While this may be a little confusing remember that re-marketing and re-targeting do share common goals. Only the terminology is not as important as the associated strategy.

That being said remarketing is often about email campaigns that are able to re-engage customers in their inbox. They use tactics like emailing a customer after they abandon their shopping cart or add an item to their wish list.

Compare and contrast

Before we compare and contrast we must understand the primary objective of both is to increase conversions of those who are most likely buy/inquire from your brand or service. This can take a variety of forms and target a broad range of individuals but the difference really being the strategy. Retargeting is really more focused on paid ads. Remarketing is focused on email campaigns and reaching out to those who have already had interactions on your website that allow for a specific reach out.
Both routes are effective in increasing e-commerce conversion and are worthy of being a part of your marketing strategy
Let us know your thoughts and  experience on the differences between Retargeting and Remarketing.