Content is King

Quality of content versus quantity of content.

Finding a good balance is key.

Quality content attracts attention; simple whether it’s content creation (the process of creating your own material from scratch)  or content curation (the process of gathering existing material from blogs social media posts or ebooks). For then sharing with your subscribers and followers.

Social Networks are becoming more a more sophisticated

Like it or not social media has now weaved itself into everyone’s life, there’s is no escaping it. Things have also moved on and we’ve seen some significant changes from social media giants. Facebook Twitter and Instagram and from smaller growing platforms like LinkedIn and Snapchat a have all evolved. With more new comers following suit these channels are becoming more a more sophisticated with their services.

In 2017 Apple launched their iPhone 8 and10 with improvements like a Bionic smart chip that makes privacy, sharing, gaming, shopping. These new features now make the iPhone look old in comparison. Google is also aiming for new user audiences via Google Go.

As this next-gen tech advancements to mainstream social media companies and businesses are expected to up their game making 2019 even more exciting (or challenging) for marketers. As we head into the 3rd quarter of 2018 social media and content marketing trends are about to reveal new features we may have never seen before.

Here are some of the foreseeable marketing challenges we now face: Marketing Challenges Running to keep up with a growing new ways and tools without a guidebook to follow businesses are becoming overwhelmed and most companies find themselves bogged down with too long a list of content formats. Where can we find a rule book and instructions when the goal posts keeping changing.

Remember quality content is key, but it’s a fine line to promote your brand without appearing to sell your brand. We have to constantly remind ourselves it’s not explicitly promoting but more intending to generate interest in all products or services. With 4G (4.5G coming) we can post heavy content files like video, animation, gifs.

Eenie meenie miney mo.

Which platforms work best for your target audience?

Social media doesn’t stop, it’s a race where the goal posts are constantly moving. Even among social media channels the question which platform has a greater share of influence is asked but not answered it’s an unknown quantity. Twitter is stagnant and didn’t grow its popularity in 2017 and though it finished in 2017 with positive revenue its rate of growth in terms of number of followers has slowed down compared to its rivals.

Measuring ROI: There’s now an added pressure on marketers to prove the effectiveness of the strategies employed thus far and to demonstrate a positive impact on investments. Marketing agencies now have to calculate the results of their efforts against clients KPI’s.