Mistakes we make posting on Instagram

Mistakes we make posting on Instagram

Follow these simple tips and you’ll grow your followers but remember there are no short cuts to getting 1000 new followers every week you have to put in the leg work apply our simple rules to get results. 

Avoid following random accounts that are set up for the sole purpose of follow/unfollow. These are usually bogus accounts operated by unscrupulous companies using people to act as real followers. You don’t need them  only Follow the accounts that you genuinely like and appreciate – even if they don’t follow back thats okay. It’s better to have genuine followers that are engaged and interacting rather than just ‘liking’. It’s all about quality verses quantity as is the rule for most content you post online.

You are not “priming the pump”  What does it mean to “prime the pump”? Before you post on Instagram you want to spend some time in the app engaging with other accounts. Jump on and spend about 10 minutes liking and commenting on other accounts posts. This demonstrates to Instagram that you are active and engaged with other peoples accounts for a few minutes before posting. This will assist your upcoming post get more eyes. Instagram/Facebook algorithm prefers users who spend time in the app and interact with others.

Use your copywriting skills to come up with relevant headline/cation to help attract users. Remember its Words and Pictures the work harder together than just a photo. The caption also offers a inroad for people to comment and make a connection.
Don’t post a photo/image with some relevant text/caption, it’s also another opportunity to be creative. When writing don’t state the obvious, express a bit more about the post.
Get personal get emotional, make it sound real from the heart. A bit of practice and you’ll discover how easy it is. Remember honestly is the best policy, be yourself be genuine.

Comments are good for algorithms and because the algorithm’s look for engagement they are looking for people’s comments, so make sure you write captions that are conversation starters. Might sound cheesy but remember to insert a call to action (CTA). Eg  “what are your thoughts on?”, or  “Pls double click”

Use hashtags properly. Hashtags are used to “mark” photos, articles and graphics so everyone can find that post. For example you post an photo of your classic car restoration or repair – you could marker that post with a hashtag like as #Porsche911Restoration. Apply some common sense you don’t want to use hashtags that are too general like classicCarRestoration. In other words If there are a million people using #classicCarRestoration it will be swallowed up in the a pool of a million people. General rule of thumb we can use up to 30 hashtags on each post but.

Posting every now and then Like all the social channels you can’t get again with just post once a week, it’s not a coffee table magazine frequent posts to engage with your followers who come to expect to see you posting fresh content. To achieve results use relevant captions with good hashtags.
It’s normal to see yoyo effects of followers increasing and decreasing, but if you are persistent and keep posting quality content that engages with your (real not fake) audience then the algorithms will recognise this and you will be rewarded. Aim for over 2000 followers to see some traction, then you’ll see a cascading effect.