What is Growth Hacking, is it legal?

What is Growth Hacking, is it legal or illegal?

How a create a following with less posting and lower quality content.

Firstly no, it’s not illegal and no it’s not about hacking past firewalls into computers hard drives or data centres. In fact if you google Growth Hacking Services you’ll discover pages of company’s offering these services even in Dubai.

It’s about maximizing the tricks of the trade and best techniques to make the social media accounts grow. Social media marketing is essentially about creating brand awareness by posting quality content to your fanbase. When these people to engage with your content they trigger algorithms and subsequent page ranking. In essence the more followers + more shares + more engagement = more brand loyalty.

However ‘growth hacking‘ is more focused on using “hacks” (tricks) to create a large following or get interaction and shares.

Both methods complementary each other in a lot of ways- in our experience both approaches work well together.

Social Marketing vs Growth Hacking:

Let’s look at how they compare for instance a social media marketing manager would typically post content to social channels like imagery and text in order to engage and interact with their fanbase. These efforts would attempt to generate media buzz and this would require a budget for content generation and sponsored Ads.

Growth Hackers on the other hand extract the email addresses from similar pages and then import the entire list to the page, this is to gain many followers from pre-targeted people. Then when content is posted there’s already many interested people viewing.

Another way to look at it is to think that posting quality content attract clients and customers it’s what most people do, but there’s ways to attract clients and customers without the quality content as well.

Growth hacking removes the guess work and waiting game on what content will succeed and when it will if at all.

How does it work?

For example if i sell Toyota Cars and I have a facebook page ToyotaCarsRus. What I would do is go to the ’Honda cars’  my competition’s facebook page run tools extract the Honda’s page’s fanbase of email addresses and add them to a spreadsheet. I would then import that list to my ToyotacarsRus facebook page using the ‘suggest page’ feature. That imported list of people would then soon see my Toyota page and potentially follow it.

This can also work for: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. This process of gaining facebook fans and followers works much better than trying to create a following with posts and quality content.