Marketing tips Ad Agencies should offer Free

Marketing tips Ad Agencies should offer Free

1# Client Audience- understanding clients target market + their KPI’s.

2# Digital skills- Using tech channels to publish messages.

3# Creative content- quality words and Pictures (avoid click bait).

4# Digital media mix- what to spend and where (avoiding shot gun effect)

5# Influencers- Who to use and what to pay

A story with something relevant and interesting. Ask yourself “would you share this piece of content ?”

A good story is a short story especially for mobile users, get to the point, engage reward and don’t try to sell.

There are some basics practices clients in Dubai should know when building brand awareness online to enhance SEO

# Objectives. We put our clients’ KPI’s first and work out how we can meet them.

# Adaptable. Creating relevant content quickly and applying into the creative process.

# Responsive. Real-time communications using ChatBots, Messenger Ads and Apps to offer live connectivity.

At Sandpaper Dubai we adopt a social creative approach to content and comms that is authentic, genuine and relevant to our audience(s).

Our team will help build your company into a lifestyle brand with a social-first approach that reflects content that people want to share and like.

More quality, less quantity to generate real followers and help build your online presence and reputation.