Facebook ads strategy that will works for promoting Blog Posts

It’s inexpensive and has an quick ROI, also simple to scale up or down, resulting in an increase in
revenue over several weeks now.

By using Facebook ads you can grow your email list or promote your services/products on with any budget. The simplest way to get started with Facebook ads using a single strategy that can more than double your revenue and your email list it also increases your Facebook fans.
#Discover what the ideal landing page design layout looks like?
Page loading quickly, easy and friendly UX experience, short paragraphs, easy to scroll, views well on mobile, enough information but not too much info to prompt a call  to action. Placement of affiliate links or partners. 
#What is the Facebook Ads budget?
Started testing AED100/- per day – more revenue. 
#How much time does it take to test the market?
Testing audiences to find out which ones work the best by trying our new layouts and headlines and new images type carousel, 2-7days waiting for FB algorithymn, looking for audiences CPC- starts high then drops off.
#Samples of Strong and Weak FB Ad layouts.
 1a (Weak) versus 1b (strong).
FACEBOOK AD VS FACEBOOK BOOST: (Don’t waste cash boosting FB posts).
The 4 big differences between boosting a Facebook post and creating an actual Facebook ad.
We’ve all been prompted by FB notifications like “Your post is performing 75% better than all of the other posts on your page! Boost your post to reach more people.”
Here are the main reasons why you’re wasting cash boosting posts instead of using Facebook ads!
When you boost a post – You have fewer options in general than when you create a Facebook Ad campaign.
Because boosting a Facebook post limits your:
Campaign objectives are good.
There are many campaign objective options (which are increasing) that Facebook ‘Ads Manager’ or ‘Power Editor’ offers.
These give the best results when you select your objectives to create a Traffic or Conversion campaign.
Unfortunately this option isn’t available when boost a post, our post is send out to a wider more random audience, who are not targeted and less likely to become converted.
You can create Audiences and see which is the best fit for your ad campaign. There are loads of different audiences profiles you can create from website visitors to current customers.
Unfortunately this option isn’t available when boost a post.
This is the feature that allows you to choose where your ad will actually show up. You have more Placement options within the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. This can help you get more reach or results per click for a much lower cost.  You can also test to see which Placement options perform the best.
Unfortunately these options are very much limited when boost a post.
Boosting a post doesn’t allow for proper testing! When you create a Facebook Ads campaign
you’re able to test different ad variations including the headline, image and copy — all with multiple/different audiences.

Unfortunately when boost an post it only allows you to boost the one version of your Ad.

As challenging as this all sounds it really pays to use the ‘Power Editor’ or ‘Ads Manager’ which work with the Facebook algorithm behind-the-scenes to get the best results possible!
Let us know your experiences setting up FB Ads and your thoughts on FB ‘boosts’