Dubai Airport 45 day runway shut down 2019 – What you need to know-post

Many flights will be affected during the Dubai Airport 45 day runway shut down this year.

In Summary

Due to essential maintenance the word’s busiest airport Dubai International Airport (DXB) will close one of its two runways for 45 days (April 16 to May 30) later this year.
Shutting southern runway (12R-30L) is required for essential repairs and replacement of field lighting, infrastructure and most importantly resurfacing.
It will reduce the capacity at the airport for many international travelers during this period.

Delayed, Rescheduled or Cancelled

During this maintenance period temporary reductions to air traffic are expected. Delayed, rescheduled and cancelled flights are all part of the disruptions likely to occur. Inbound and outbound travelers are advised to reconfirm the status of their flights well in advance of their departure to and from DXB airport. 
Like any road surface there comes a time when essential repairs and maintenance are required. DXB’s southern runway (12R-30L) has reached that time in it’s life cycle and is now in need of a critical upgrade to essential surfacing and infrastructure.

Scope of work

Materials required:

  • 60,000 tonnes of asphalt 
  • 8,000 cubic metres of concrete 
  • 800 km of primary cables
  • 5,500 runway lights

Who will be affected during the shut down?

Dubai International Airport operates 365 days a year, 24/7 with over 1 Thousand aeroplane manoeuvres each day. It is the primary base of Middle East airline Emirates, Flydubai, and a global hub for other international and local flight operators. Many tourist and business travel flights will be affected during this 45 day period as capacity will be significantly reduced. Private charters, cargo charters will also have to scale back their operations and/or make contingency plans to reschedule their travelers. 

What attempts are being made to limit the disruption?

To minimise the impact on traffic movements, the upgrade work is planned to start from April 16 to May 30 when activity is historically at its lowest. During the closure period, airlines will have to manage their flight operations in accordance with the limitations of operating on a single runway.  Dubai Airports will regularly update their all carriers with information as it becomes available enabling airlines to plan for the flight reductions and schedule planning.  

How will this affect Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Airline has announced that it is planning to reduce the number of flights operating out of DXB by up to 28 percent. Back in 2014 DXB functioned with a single runway for  eight days because of essential upgrades and repair work on Souther and Northern runways. An estimated $467 mn revenue was written off by the Emirates Group, according to its financial reports.  

What’s happening at the New Airport DWC?

Dubai’s second airport, Known as DWC or Al Maktoum International, is positioned about 60 kilometres (40 miles) south of DXB International. This new airport also known as Dubai World Central (DWC) will be an available to handle affected scheduled air traffic as well as private charter, cargo charters, ambulance charters and general aviation operations.

DWC (Al- Maktoum International)  is currently being expanded to  increase its capacity from 5-7 million per annum to 26 million passengers per annum. The new airport future planned capacity will make it larger than Dubai International.

How to prepare and plan