Digital Transformation will create unheard of jobs.

Digital Trends for 2019- D

A few years ago no one would have heard of the words Cryto-currency (Researcher), social (media) Listener, or blockchain Advisor.

Today digital and tech transformation (DTT) is a major focal point for future business strategy for SME’s in the Emirates and around the globe. There is alot of debate about how digital future will in Dubai will affect job creation and/or job reduction. In the past we have feared job reduction as a consequence of the Next Gen, however more recent indicators show that the growing use of technology and automation may actually provide many new types of occupations that co- exist along side machine automation.

No one can stop the tide of automation and the jobs digital transformation will of course consume jobs, but machines cannot replicate certain human attributes prime example being; they lack emotions, they lack creative flare and critical thinking.

Some high school curriculums now deliberately focus on ‘critical thinking skills’ for students to help the next generation of graduates find careers in the post digital revolution. This era will spawn new opportunities, and new jobs and different types of occupational roles.

Research suggests digital transformation and automation will enable those in jobs at risk to use transferrable skills and adapt to new roles and positions, what these will look like are still hard to predict. But what is certain the age of the machine is coming but human ingenuity looks to find a way to adapt to the transformation.

Let us know your thoughts and fears for the digital transformation and it’s impact on daily life and traditional business.
Team Sandpaper Digital Specialist