Once Upon a time… A good story teller is the same as someone who can tell a good joke or be a great salesperson

neuro marketing, what is it about and how do i learn and apply it in content marketing and web copywriting? What are the top tips for writing engaging copy

Like all good authors, speakers and communicators they (like marketeers) need to exploit the psychology of the mind, by appealing with emotive words and captivating images.

Marketeers refer to this as neuro marketing which is just another way connecting to the hearts and minds of readers.

Trial and Error

Today’s Internet technology allows us to test what words and pictures works better than others. By publishing online we can gauge interaction via the webs algorithms this allows us to upload content for social posts, or website content for analysis reaction, then retest the same content after some text editing and modifying images to compare the results again. Before and after testing enables us to optimise our language with key words and images to get the best the audience response and engagement to all the content we create for a specific target profile.

Test results 

We can monitor the results over a few days or weeks making subtle improvements/tweaks when necessary to optimise reaction and reach of an audience profile. Eventually we will build sufficient data to know what works best on your target audience and use this information each time we are creating new content for your online presence.
Let us know what you think makes for great story telling and how this can appeal to online audiences in Dubai.
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